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I am writing to you as a concerned citizen who lives in the Austin Oak Hill area. My home is (within the valley of Devil’s Pen Creek—change to reflect where you live) where the planned Oakhill Parkway will terminate to the West. The completion of this project will bring with it many benefits for our community and for the greater area. I understand that this project will require a sacrifice from all of us living through a construction period of many years in order to achieve the much-needed improvements in transportation and safety.


However, the potential location of a Concrete Plant at the Wong property (9021 W US HWY 290, 78736) is of serious concern to all of us that live within this valley. Most of this valley is residential development and the commercial properties along HWY 290 do not detract from our quality of life. We do not want a Concrete Plant because the harms it will create will not be confined to the boundaries of the property it is located on.


Below are some specific concerns:

• Traffic Safety on this stretch of HWY 290 is a serious concern for us and for TxDOT. To address traffic accidents and fatalities, TxDOT recently lowered speed limits. In 2018, a traffic study for a proposed athletic complex in the valley identified the need for a traffic signal; the difficulty of placement within this valley ultimately halted the project.

• This property is in the City of Austin’s Limited Purpose Jurisdiction, the Slaughter Creek Watershed, the Barton Springs Zone, and the Drinking Water Protection Zone. The site is also within the Edwards Aquifer Contributing Zone and is subject to the Save Our Springs (SOS) Ordinance. Special permits will be required from TCEQ and the City of Austin; permits we shall insist are in place before any work can begin.

• Contamination of Devil’s Pen Creek, a tributary of Slaughter Creek and one of the five creeks supplying Barton Springs Pool with water via the Edwards Aquifer.

• Potential groundwater contamination in a residential area dependent on well water.

• Particulate matter and dusting of rooftops, with potential to contaminate residential rainwater collection systems that provide drinking water.

• The property is in the floodplain. The street bordering the property, Ledgestone, has two low-water crossings that already cause flooding issues. Ledgestone is the only way in or out of two neighborhoods and emergency vehicles can’t get in or out when the road is flooded.

• Particulate matter and VOCs are a serious health hazard for everyone, especially the older population and those with respiratory conditions/illness.

• Noise pollution from rock crushing/screening activity.

• Long, daily operating hours.

• Concrete truck emissions. Additionally, there are three schools within this valley: Austin Waldorf School, Cedars Montessori School, and Samspra Academy. I am strongly opposed to the placement of a Concrete Plant at 9021 W US HY 290, 78736. The human health hazards, environmental degradation, noise and light pollution, and potential contamination of drinking water sources are of serious concern to me. Should the property be chosen, I plan to actively contest and protest. We are voicing this concern in advance of a final decision and necessary permitting to save CRC and TXDot time and money. Please consider alternative locations for the placement of the Plant, or consider the use of the existing Tex- Mix facility located 1600 yards down the highway. Respectfully, (Your name)

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